Building Acoustics

Building Acoustics
Forlag: Taylor & Francis Inc
Utgivelsesar: 2015
Antall sider: 248
ISBN/EAN: 9781466582446
Sprak: Engelsk
Forfatter: Marc Asselineau
Kategori: Teknologi, transport og landbruk

Avoid Costly Mistakes for Specialists and Non-Specialists Alike Bad acoustics in buildings is a nuisance that is not dealt with easily. The problem applies just as much to open-plan offices and restaurants and to production facilities and transportation stations as it does to performance halls, not to mention homes. It does not merely affect oral communication or enjoyment of music but has quite profound consequences on well-being. Gives Guidance on What to Expect from Design Teams and Contractors Building Acoustics is devoted to practical building and room acoustics, illustrated by numerous examples. It introduces the basics for the different specialists in a design team and for the client and sets out the issues for shared consideration. It guides them in the drawing up of sensible acoustic specifications. It is written for non-specialists and gives an outline of potential problems. It also shows what to consider before the construction stage. It empowers its readers to express their needs to a specialist consultant and to avoid the worst pitfalls.
* Covers interactions between acoustics and other disciplines * Shows through numerous real-life examples the route to understanding and solving the problem * Illustrates various points of views through real projects

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